Bayville New York, $1,200,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $1,200,000
Property:  Single Family Investment Property
Location: Bayville NY

Kings Point, New York     $2,500,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $2,500,000
Property:  Mansion
Location: Kings Point, New York

Boca Raton, Florida     $1,650,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $1,650,000
Property:  Luxury Condo Refinance
Location: Boca Raton FL

Jupiter, Florida     $3,000,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $3,000,000
Property:  Mix Use Building
Location:  145 Tierra Lane Jupiter FL 33477

Jersey City, New Jersey     $400,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $400,000
Property: Luxury Condo Refinance
Location:  77 Hudson St Jersey City NJ

Westbury, New York     $1,500,000

Loan Type:  Construction
Loan Amount:  $1,500,000
Property:  Mix Use Building
Location:  68 Carmen Ave Westbury NY

Huntington, New York     $3,640,000

Loan Type:  Refinance
Loan Amount:  $3,640,000
Property:  Mix Use Building
Location:  315 Walt Whitman Road, Huntington, NY

Miami, Florida     $255,000

Loan Type:  Acquisition| Construction
Loan Amount:  $255,000
Property:  Mix Use Building
Location:  725 NW 34th St Miami FL 33127

Lodi, New Jersey     $1,100,000

Loan Type:  Purchase
Loan Amount:  $1,100,000
Property:  Mix Use Building
Location:  Lodi, NJ

Banning, California       $700,000

Loan Type: Purchase
Loan Amount: $700,000
Property: Valero Gas Station
Location: Banning, CA

Hoboken, New Jersey     $1,000,000

Loan Type: Acquisition & Construction Financing
Property: Multifamily Building
Location: Hoboken, NJ

New York, New York        $3,000,000

Loan Type: Discounted Payoff Financing
Property: Mix Use Building
Location: New York, NY

Atlanta, Georgia     $1,000,000

Loan Type: Purchase Financing
Property: Residential
Location: Atlanta, GA

Phoenix, Arizona     $2,200,000

Loan Type: Purchase
Property:   Multifamily 130 Units
Location:   2925 N Greenfield Rd
Phoenix, AZ

Jackson Heights, NY     $6,000,000

Loan Type: Construction Project
Property: Multifamily
Location: 90-01 Roosevelt avenue
Jackson Heights, NY

Saddle River, NJ     $5,000,000

Loan Type: Subdivision & Construction Project
Location: 23 Elden Drive
Saddle River, NJ

Hollywood, Florida    $2,000,000

Loan Type: Acquisition & Development of Subdivision
Location: 2711 Polk Street
Hollywood, FL

Long Beach, New York    $1,000,000

Loan Type: Multi Unit Commercial Building
Location: 221-223 East park avenue
Long Beach, NY

Rockville Center, New York    $2,000,000

Loan Type: 5 Unit Commercial Building
Location: 47-51 North Village Avenue
Rockville Center, NY

Brooklyn, New York      $2,000,000

Loan Type:  Multi Unit Building
Location:  1965 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY

Jamaica, New York   $3,732,000

Loan Type:  Construction Loan
Location:    95-02 & 06 Allendale Street
Jamaica, NY

Kissimmee, Florida    $1,300,000

Loan Type:  Land Acquisition
1824 Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
Kissimmee, Florida

Harlem, New York    $3,475,000
Loan Type: Church Office Building
104 & 106 East 126th Street
Harlem, NY

Ramada Hotel Costa Rica $15,000,000

Loan Type: Hotel Acquisition
Costa Rica

New York, New York  $5,000,000

Loan Type: 23 Unit Multi Family
4441 Broadway
New York, NY

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