Conventional Loans

Frias Financial offers commercial real estate loans and structured finance
solutions for a variety of circumstances, with loan amounts as low as $2MM,
with no maximum loan limits. Frias Financial advises clients on a wide range
of capital structures available to ensure the most favorable financial
solution is achieved. Frias Financial's approach consists of a clear
identification of the client's requirements and possible structures,
resulting in an optimal financial solution.

Our programs include permanent finance for both commercial and residential
properties in all 50 states. Loan terms range from 1 to 30 years and
amortization periods up to 30 years, with interest only options available.
Strong projects maybe leveraged up to 95% of market value, where the Frias
Financial mezzanine finance and equity programs are included.

Bridge & Construction financing through Frias Financial allows developers
and real estate owners to acquire or refinance properties that are not yet
ready for permanent finance. Needs for Bridge financing may vary widely,
from repositioning a property to acquiring a property at auction. Frias
Financial is sensitive and accustom to abbreviated due diligence periods and
tight closing deadlines.

Funds may be used for equity recapture, tenant improvements, leasing
commissions, property improvements, interest reserves or other applicable

Frias Financial's construction finance program provides developers with an
non-recourse option for development finance, when local banks fall short.
The Frias Financial construction program is often combined with the
non-recourse permanent finance program, to create a "one-stop shopping"the solution for today's modern developer.