Church Financial Programs

Our church and synagogue program is well suited to help finance all types of church needs including; property acquisition, refinance notes, debt reduction, and construction. Church financing is a highly specialized area of commercial real estate finance.

Conventional Financing

Frias Financial has a wide array of programs available from low-interest rates, with major institutions. If you are a church, charter school, or non-profit organization that has a financing need to either acquire, refinances, or construct a new facility we can help. When credit is less than perfect or time is an issue, we can also offer bridge loans or hard money financing for those hard to place loans.
If your church is looking for a loan to purchase, refinance, renovate or construct a building we want to help you achieve your goal.

Hard Money for Churches

Hard money loans start at 9.99% to 11% this program is suitable for a church that has a considerable amount of equity in the church and are behind on the mortgage payments or credit payments and you need cash fast.

Conventional Bank Parameters

  • Rates: May vary from prime + based or treasury with a floor 4.50% to 5.00% 
  • Loan Size: $500k to $25 million
  • Property Types: Church, charter school, or non-profit organization
  • Special Note: The amount to be financed cannot exceed three and on half (3.5%) times the churches “ 2016 Fiscal years gross Plate income or Tithes”
  • Debt Coverage Ratio: 1.4% debt serviced
  • Minimum average Sunday morning worship attendance of 200 to 500 adults
  • Maximum loan: of up to 3.0 times recurring gross income
  • Monthly payment: should not exceed 30% to 35% of recurring first gross income
  • Audited Statements: Are required for loans over $1 million
  • Territory: Nationwide Tier 1 markets
  • Lien: First Lien mortgage only
  • LTV: The maximum loan To Value is 80% LTV
  • Prepayment: No prepayment penalty
  • Amortization: 15 to 20 years amortization
  • Term: 3-year arm or 5-year arm

Tax Statements required: The last three (3) years fiscal years of church financial information is required including; plate income other income, expenses details, balance sheet, cash flows and current year YTD budget and actual comparison

Church Bridge Parameters

Frias Financial with it’s capital partners has vast experience in the Niche Church Lending space dating back to 2013.  We also have a network of Regional Banks and several Private Funds which provide Long-Term Loans. Simply put, Frias Financial is much more than a Lender.  We seek to get involved and help anywhere we can!  On a SELECT basis Frias Financial provides Bridge Funding as follows:

  • LOAN SIZE: $300,000 and up to $10,000,000
  • TERM: 12-36 Months
  • Location: Nationwide
  • AMORTIZATION: we have both short hard money or long term conventional bank loans
  • RATE: 6% to 12%+ Depending on Profile
  • LOAN TO VALUE:  Up to 80% LTV
  • ORIGINATION FEE: 3% points
  • Financing Limits: 4 X last years Donations or tithes