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We are excited to offer New Ground Up Construction and Fix and Flip programs at Frias Financial. The last several years have been very challenging for construction in the United States , however things have changed dramatically, we are now in a brand new world with a very strong real estate market.

Today’s real estate market consist of very low inventory, low interest rates  and high demand creating a shortage of homes nationwide. This high demand is causing builders and developers, to fill that void of low inventory by building  more multifamily and single family homes at extraordinary rate. We offer the builders, land loans and land development, from the ground up construction, or fix and flip programs. This housing season is  complicated by the sky high raw material prices of lumber and labor costs that may be three (3) times higher then normal.

We offer construction programs for all  major asset classes including residential, multi-family, condominium, rental housing, hotel, industrial , office , mixed use, and retail. Our loans can be tailor made with interest reserves to to reduce the stress level of the builder as he completes his project without the constant worry of the loans monthly payments.

This year is full of new and exciting opportunities, for the home builder, the fix and flip or the big multifamily developer, whatever your size we have a program that will fit your needs.

If you have a question about your construction loan, contact me today to review your loan and see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

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Ground Up Construction                                                 Fix & Flip

Loan Size: $500,000 to $100,000,000                              Loan Size: $500,000 to $20,000,000

Pricing: from 8.25%                                                                Pricing : from 7.25%

Term: Up to 36 Months                                                           Term: Up to 36 Months

Leverage Up To: 90% LTC and 75% LTV                          Leverage Up To: 90% LTC and 75% LTV

Asset Classes: Single Family & Multifamily                      Asset Classes: Single Family & Multifamily

Amortization: Interest Only                                               Amortization: Interest Only

Lending Area: United States                                                Lending Area: United States

Repayment: No Prepayment Penalty                                 Repayment: No Prepayment Penalty

Close: 10-20 days                                                                     Close: 10-20 days


Our new construction program may be used as replacement hospital or construction of a medical office building, can be a necessary strategic option for hospitals seeking to increase revenues, improve operational efficiencies and or to enhance its healing environment.

We can help you finance a new construction project with a variety of funding structures, including rated and nonrated tax-exempt bonds, and debt offering credit enhanced by commercial or agency options, including the FHA-HUD sec. 242 program and USDA loan programs

Hard Money – Conventional Loan

LOAN SIZE -$500,000 to $100 Million

INTEREST RATE-Bank / Conventional – 5% Floor, Prime Based
Hard Money – from 7.50%

TERM-1 to 3 years

LOAN TYPES-Construction, Acquisition & Development

LOAN to COST-Up to 80%

LOAN to VALUE- Up to 90%

PROPERTY TYPES-All property types including

Multi-Family/ Retail/ Medical Office/

Hotels/Industrial/Warehouse/ Rehab/

Affordable Housing/ Assisted  Living Facilities/

Student Housing/Seniors Housing/and  Mix Use.

MARKETSNationwide Primary Markets

CLOSINGConventional: Typically 60 day /Hard Money: 3 to 4 weeks