Construction Loans

Frias Financial has a wide array of construction programs to help the developer or builder fund most of his construction projects. Our programs are designed to provide a loan for a Builder constructing a commercial property (Office Buildings, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Hotels Warehouse/Flex Space, 5+ Multi-Family units and most other income generating properties).

  • Upon completion of the property, the loan may be converted to a permanent loan.
  • Loan amounts from $500k to $100 Million
  • Loan amounts up to 80%* of the appraised value
    *Cross collateralization allowed on other properties, if needed, for maximum (or greater) loan amounts
  • Land purchase may be  included in the construction loan, up to 50% of the lot purchase price
  • Owner and Non-Owner Occupied Commercial properties are eligible
  • Self- Build/Owner Builder Borrowers are allowed
  • Fast pre-qualification, typically between 3 to 5 business days
  • Full income documentation and limited income programs
  • Loans are available to Borrowers with excellent to less than perfect credit
  • Flexible draw schedules

Up to 18-month terms available (longer terms available on an exception

Our new construction program may be used as replacement hospital or construction of a medical office building, can be a necessary strategic option for hospitals seeking to increase revenues, improve operational efficiencies and or to enhance its healing environment.

We can help you finance a new construction project with a variety of funding structures, including rated and nonrated tax-exempt bonds, and debt offering credit enhanced by commercial or agency options, including the FHA-HUD sec. 242 program and USDA loan programs

LOAN SIZE                                           $500k to $100 Million
INTEREST RATE                                   Bank / Conventional – 6% Floor,  Prime Based
Hard Money – 11 to 13%
TERM                                                  1 to 5 year term with extensions available
LOAN TYPES                                       Construction, Acquisition & Development
LOAN to COST                                    Up to 65% TO 90% Loan to Cost
PROPERTY TYPES                              All property types including                                                                                           Multi-Family / Retail/ Medical/                                                                                       Office/Hotels/Industria/Warehouse, Rehab,                                                                   Affordable Housing, Assisted  Living                                                                               Facilities, Student Housing, Seniors Housing,                                                                 and  Mix Use.
MARKETS                                          Nationwide Primary Markets
CLOSING                                           Conventional: Typically 60 day /Hard Money: 3                                                               to 4 weeks